i’m jealous of emilie faif

Ok. A few days ago, I saw these shoes on Pinterest, which of course sent me on a mad hunt to find more from this artist… and boy oh boy, ┬ádid I! This is the work of French designer/artist Emilie Faif. Aren’t these paintings on clothing lovely? Well, they’re ┬ájust the tip of the iceberg! Her portfolio is full of crazy installations and soft sculpture. After you stare at these for a few minutes, you have to go check them out!

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  1. Catherine /// 02.13.2013 /// 8:46am

    These are hauntingly beautiful.

  2. Ana /// 02.13.2013 /// 11:23am

    To walk in those shoes…

  3. sue /// 02.13.2013 /// 2:03pm

    Love! Those blouses !!

  4. The Orchard /// 02.13.2013 /// 5:47pm

    Wow! I just checked out her website! I could look at her work all day! So amazing!

  5. Rachael /// 02.13.2013 /// 8:36pm

    These are beautiful. I checked out her other things. Only a French person could pull off that kind of art and not be questioned. I really loved the New York Paris thing.

  6. Daughter Earth /// 02.15.2013 /// 2:36pm

    I love this so much. So random. would have never thought to do anythign like that but its so beautiful

  7. Stasia /// 02.17.2013 /// 7:31pm

    Oh my goodness, these are so beautiful. So delicate and ephemeral, and they feel so full of history. Thank you for sharing!!

  8. Emma /// 02.25.2013 /// 2:23pm

    I love your blog. it’s like a cup of coffee and a Sunday paper!

  9. dewey /// 04.01.2013 /// 4:43am