i’m jealous of bobby doherty

So, you know how I love writing about hyper-real paintings that look like photographs, right? Well, this time, they’re actually photographs… that kind of look like hyper-real paintings! Brooklyn based photographer Bobby Doherty has a portfolio full of amazing work {that looks nothing like these photographs}, but I totally found myself pulling out the shots that looked like simple, perfect, paintings. Go figure.

{via Booooooom}

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  1. dogan /// 03.09.2013 /// 1:32am

    and i am jealous of thejealouscurator:) you are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..

  2. the jealous curator /// 03.09.2013 /// 10:42pm

    oh, thanks so much dogan : )

  3. Amy /// 03.19.2013 /// 8:03am

    Then you might also be jealous of Detroit photographer Kyohei Abe: