i’m jealous of maz dixon

Yes. Oh my goodness… YES!!! This is a series, titled Attraction, by Australian artist Maz Dixon. Sigh… these hilarious paintings whisk me off to my childhood instantly! Oh, I wish that I was spending a sunny day at the beach with a giant pineapple, a huge shrimp, AND a dolphin that I could kiss – but I digress – here’s what this series is all about:

The Attraction series is an examination of the prescriptive nature of souvenir media. Souvenir manufacturers photograph the scenery and attractions of a holiday destination, and mechanically reproduce these scenes for mass consumption through postcards, view-folders, tea towels. These items become instruction manuals for viewers, showing them how they are to experience their destination. Mass-produced imagery becomes mass-produced experience.

By separating figures and landscape from each other, the relationship between viewer and souvenir is realigned. With context removed, the viewer is free to create their own narrative around figures or landscapes.

Yep… and my narrative includes a giant pineapple, a huge shrimp, AND a dolphin that I could kiss.

comments (7)

  1. Stacy | TheLacquerie /// 03.18.2013 /// 11:11am

    So ready for some Summer fun! Let’s skip over this Spring thing and get right to the good stuff 🙂

  2. Lisa Golightly /// 03.18.2013 /// 12:53pm

    ha! perfect for Monday, everyone needs something to make them smile on a Monday….

  3. the jealous curator /// 03.18.2013 /// 1:01pm

    nothin’ like a giant banana to make you smile! ; )

  4. Indy /// 03.18.2013 /// 2:52pm

    😀 recent memories! I’ve just been to or past each of those attractions over our Christmas break – they always make me smile

  5. Second Floor Flat /// 03.18.2013 /// 2:58pm

    Anndd I’m actually pretty jealous of this blog. I just came across it this past Friday (thanks, endless Pinterest pit) and absolutely love it. Also, how amazing are these blues?

  6. the jealous curator /// 03.18.2013 /// 3:53pm

    oh good! glad you found me… and yes, those blues are GORGEOUS!

  7. INSPIRATION | /// 03.24.2013 /// 2:01pm

    […] THESE PAINTINGS! SO amazing. […]

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