i’m jealous of alexandra levasseur

Sigh… it’s pretty amazing what can be done with acrylic and colored pencil… well, I suppose I should say, it’s amazing what Montreal based artist Alexandra Levasseur can do with acrylic and colored pencil. Love, love, love {Flowered underpants, random flames, and a fur coat… oh yes.}

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  1. Sharmon Davidson /// 03.21.2013 /// 8:09am

    Completely fantastic work- I’m in love!

  2. tijana /// 03.21.2013 /// 8:50pm

    wow. i feel this work… it’s amazing.

  3. laura redburn // cardboardcities /// 03.23.2013 /// 4:38am

    oh wow, love these! especially the last image.

  4. Kaibrina /// 03.27.2013 /// 4:26pm


    This work reminds me of this documentary

  5. temmyret /// 04.24.2013 /// 6:28pm

    a friend once had a style like this. love those artworks!

  6. Thomas Masaru /// 04.25.2013 /// 9:37pm

    Nice sampling of Alexandra’s work. Have you seen her video?