i’m jealous of leigh martin

Yarn-bombing… mushroom style! American artist Leigh Martin makes these little wooly fungi, and places them in nature. I wish she left them there for awhile, but I suppose that wouldn’t be very eco-friendly. It sure would be cool to unexpectedly see her work while out for a leisurely walk in the woods! And with that, I wish you a happy weekend filled with outdoor {and artsy} adventure!

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  1. Kreetta /// 03.22.2013 /// 8:57am

    Wonderful !!!

  2. laura redburn // cardboardcities /// 03.22.2013 /// 9:18am

    oh wow, love these!

  3. Meg @ Beard and Bonnet /// 03.22.2013 /// 9:22am

    This is AMAZING! I have always been a huge fan of yarn bombing, but this takes it to a whole new level. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kirstin /// 03.22.2013 /// 9:43am

    Love these!

  5. the jealous curator /// 03.22.2013 /// 11:07am

    me tooooo!

  6. Ana /// 03.22.2013 /// 12:57pm

    I love, love, love fungi and I love knitting = <3 .

  7. Zia Daugherty /// 03.22.2013 /// 3:29pm

    That is sooo adorable! That last picture especially. It’s like… Andy Goldsworthy meets yarn bombing, but not really. Love it!

  8. sarah /// 03.23.2013 /// 2:24pm

    I scrolled through the pictures quickly at first, and didn’t even notice that the mushrooms were knit and not real. The proportions and colors are so perfect!

  9. Eleni | My Paradissi /// 03.24.2013 /// 1:43pm

    Love this crochet landart! Pretty amazing work!

  10. Irene /// 03.25.2013 /// 3:51am

    wow. Perfect! how does she make them stand up, though?

  11. chelsea /// 03.26.2013 /// 2:45pm

    wouldn’t you just love to stumble upon one of these in place? i love the idea of nature + artist working in tandem, so cute.

  12. the jealous curator /// 03.26.2013 /// 3:14pm

    yes – yes i would!

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