i’m still jealous of amy friend

I wrote about Canadian photographer Amy Friend just over a year ago. It was her gorgeous series, titled Dare alla Luce, that took my breath away. Amy has had a zillion people ask her to make prints from the series… and she listened! As of this very moment, the four images shown above are available in her brand new Etsy shop…  for $35 each {wait, what?!} Ok, that’s it, I’m going over there right now – I’ll meet ya there!

p.s I got “Waning Lights” – the two ladies on the beach! LOVE it!!!

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  1. David /// 04.09.2013 /// 2:40pm

    Love your idea for your website, in fact, I wish I had thought of it…but you are using the wrong word “jealous” in your title. At the risk of being called a picky word nerd: http://englishplus.com/grammar/00000301.htm

    Very common incorrect use of the term, you want envious, but hey, its a free Web….

  2. the jealous curator /// 04.09.2013 /// 4:01pm

    yeah yeah… i know… i get that all the time ; )
    the story goes that when i started the blog i was in fact jealous… the bad kind. over the years that has turned around, into a positive wonderful thing… but it’s too late to change the name of the blog (and my business cards), and let’s face it… “the jealous curator” is so much more catchy than “the envious curator” ; )

  3. Karina /// 04.10.2013 /// 12:01am

    She is gorgeous indeed. Vintage, dreamy and clever – that’s what I like about her art.

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