i’m jealous of sandra eterovic

Sweet jiminy… I love, love, love these paintings. I mean sculptures. Or paintings. Ok, here’s where the confusion comes in… Melbourne based artist Sandra Eterovic paints with acrylic on wood, but then cuts away the background so that’s she’s just left with a giant Tshirt or a huge can of SPAM {so good! the painting that is, not actual SPAM} She lured me in with that number-covered couple, and then finished me off with these:

… grouchy men in Chanel shirts? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!!!

{Thanks to Lucy for sending me a link to Sandra’s work!}

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  1. Jessica /// 04.16.2013 /// 10:03am

    I love those grumpy men wearing Chanel t-shirts. I need to get one (or both) for the daily chuckle they’ll bring!! So awesome.

  2. the jealous curator /// 04.16.2013 /// 11:01am

    i know! i want them too! so funny : )

  3. chelsea /// 04.16.2013 /// 2:22pm

    the grumpy men in channel shirts is just about the most hilarious thing i’ve seen … in months? awhile for sure. so gender subversive, love it

  4. Sandra Eterovic /// 04.16.2013 /// 4:58pm

    Thank you SO MUCH for featuring my work. I am a little bit in shock, actually….!!

    The Chanel man is based on an actual man I once saw emerging from the public housing complex in the inner Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy. He looked hard, embittered, frightening and sad. The Chanel t-shirt he was wearing was probably one of those fake ones that were around in the 80s. I’ll never know whether he had any idea of the gravity of what he was wearing, or whether he was just glad to have something covering his back.

  5. the jealous curator /// 04.16.2013 /// 8:37pm

    oh, i’m so glad you like the post sandra! and now i have a whole new appreciation of the man in the chanel shirt – it’s a fantastic piece! and ramona… i’m so jealous that you get to see her show in person! ; )

  6. Ramona /// 04.16.2013 /// 5:51pm

    Sandra Eterovic’s work is funny, compassionate, subversive and beautiful. I am an avid fan of her work and can’t wait to see her new show

  7. Lucy Mora /// 04.16.2013 /// 8:45pm

    Thanks Jealous Curator for responding to my email about Sandra…. after following you for a couple of years I just knew it was one for you!
    Thanks for you excellent blog!

  8. the jealous curator /// 04.16.2013 /// 8:55pm

    thank YOU lucy! i just checked out your site, and boy oh boy i wish i could see your shop in person!! you carry so many artists that i love … now, including sandra ; )

  9. Saskia /// 04.17.2013 /// 12:54am

    Wow. So rapt to see you profiling Sandra’s work! She is so talented and one of my favourite artists. The stories behind her pieces are as beautiful and intriguing as her actual work! Can’t wait for her show.

  10. Suzanna Scott /// 04.17.2013 /// 7:58am

    Yay Sandra! So happy to see this JC feature on one of my favorite artists. Long live quirky art!!

  11. allie kelley /// 04.17.2013 /// 7:13pm


  12. jacqueline | the hourglass files /// 04.18.2013 /// 7:31am

    The grumpy men in Chanel shirts have me grinning.

  13. Jill kellett /// 04.18.2013 /// 8:31pm

    Hello….very big fan
    I work at Hut13
    Just love it
    We are so excited about Sandra’s show
    Thank you

  14. Kelly Jill /// 04.24.2013 /// 10:18am

    absolutely love the dry humor in these. love your blog btw!

  15. the jealous curator /// 04.24.2013 /// 3:41pm

    thank you!

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