i’m jealous of brandi marie little

Now this is my kind of “pet portraiture”! A little mermaid tattoo here, a delicate rainbow there… and voila, your pet is immortalized! American artistĀ Brandi Marie Little‘s hyper-real, hyper-weird paintingsĀ have me almost convinced that a rat would be a good pet… but it would have to have a unicorn horn, just sayin. Now, if my local pet shop couldn’t bring that in, I’d also be happy with one of these little woodland creatures:

A tattooed bunny ear? YES! {well, wait, not in real life… ouch! poor bunny} but in a stunning painting from Brandi… YES!

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  1. heather /// 04.23.2013 /// 7:45am

    whoot! this are so amazing. sigh.

  2. Miss Ruth /// 04.23.2013 /// 10:46am

    These are lovely! I particularly like the white rat and the deer (with a girl in underpants in teh background!?)
    Incidentally, my rabbit has a tatoo in her ear – not nautical, but an ID number.

  3. brandi marie /// 04.23.2013 /// 11:33am

    Thank you so much for featuring my work! Beyond thrilled! And in response to Miss Ruth, if you look closely in the white rabbit’s ear, under the ship, you will see the letters MHR. This is what is tattooed in the rabbits ears at the rescue where I volunteer so that we can ID them if they later come back through the rescue. Yay for tattooed rescue bunnies šŸ™‚

  4. Mary Gaspar /// 04.23.2013 /// 12:22pm

    Haha yes I see the girl in the deer painting…which by the way, i LOVE! Bravo Brandi Marie-these are beautiful! Great feature!

  5. Tracey /// 04.26.2013 /// 1:43pm

    Just lovely.
    And, to add, something about the deer brought tears to my eyes. Art with an immediate emotional impact !? All the more wonderful.

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