i’m jealous of lori larusso

This is the work of American artist Lori Larusso. Prints? No. Paintings? Kinda. They are acrylic paintings, but I might be tempted to call them sculptures. See some of those shadows? Yep, these are actually paintings on intricately cut panels {all around the 4′ mark}. Gorgeous! And besides the beautifully mundane domestic subject matter {which I am obsessed with!}, in perfectly chosen colors, I think what I love most is that fact that they’re a bit of a mind trick… by cutting the panels, Lori gives so much dimension to these totally flat, partially dissected spaces. Ah-mazing.

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  1. Bobbi /// 05.22.2013 /// 12:03pm

    These remind me a lot of mid-century magazine ads. They are beautifully done!

  2. the jealous curator /// 05.22.2013 /// 2:09pm

    yes, and yes!

  3. Aurelia /// 05.25.2013 /// 1:11pm

    Very clever paintings, i mean, sculptures?

  4. Anna /// 05.25.2013 /// 2:01pm

    I love her work. Lori was my teacher for painting class during my last semester of college! Such a great experience!

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