i’m jealous of monica ramos

I’m sorry if this offends any vegetarians {or people who hate baked goods} but I couldn’t control myself…¬†“Fat Tats”, is a series by Manila born, Brooklyn based artist/illustrator Monica Ramos, and I love every unhealthy tat she’s got going!¬†Watercolor tattoos of fatty food. Hilarious and beautiful. Excellent combo. Ok, now who’s up for a slice of pie?

{Monica is the featured artist on Buy Some Damn Art this week. Girls hugging llamas, friends frying eggs on the sidewalk, and a bit of skinny dipping. Yep, you might want to get over there! Happy weekend!}

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  1. Ana /// 05.24.2013 /// 12:21pm

    I like her sense of humour ^_^ .

  2. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 05.24.2013 /// 12:49pm

    me too : )

  3. Kari /// 05.24.2013 /// 4:22pm

    these are great! i especially love the tattooed food right on the belly in that first work.