i’m jealous of holly wales

Holly Wales: Most likely to make me jealous using only felt-tip markers and white paper!

Oh I love this piece, titled “Class of” by London based artist/illustrator Holly Wales. This puts the doodles in my year book to shame! … hm… I’m pretty sure I dated the guy with the horns. Aaaaanyway. Oh, and look what she does with colored markers:

Vintage motel signs, hand-drawn with brightly-hued, juicy felt-tip markers… ♥

{ps. all of these drawings can be purchased as prints, right here.}

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  1. rossana taormina /// 06.13.2013 /// 9:56am

    i will follow her blog!

  2. Dana /// 06.14.2013 /// 6:53am

    if you like this, then youll love Emily Nemen’s work:



  3. Sunday Best | Pale Lip /// 06.16.2013 /// 8:36am

    […] Amazing Felt Tip Marker illustrations made by Holly Wales. Via The Jealous Curator […]