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Ok, there is soooo much I want to tell you … but I’m only allowed to give you a few little tidbits today. So, let me catch you up on what’s going on at the moment. The book is set to be released in the Spring of 2014. All of the writing/editing is completely finished, and the final manuscript is now in the hands of the lovely folks at Chronicle Books in San Francisco. Pretty much everything is ready to go to print… except the cover. The amazing design team is working with one of my favorite artists {who happens to be featured in the book}, Toronto based painter/designer Amanda Happé:

Gratitude? Yes. My world is filled with gratitude right now! Note: Just to be clear, this painting is NOT the cover… but it’s similar in it’s Amanda Happé-ness. I just saw her preliminary sketches a few days ago, and they ROCK! I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such a talented artist doing a custom piece for this project. When this is over, I’m totally going to buy that painting and hang it in my living room. I will then sit underneath it while I hold my book. Yes. That is exactly what I will do.

Ok. This info about the front cover was the first little tidbit. Now, flip it over… you will never believe the amazing group of people who reviewed the book, and then wrote endorsement blurbs that will appear on the back. Ready?

Holy SHIT. I’m sorry for the cursing, but I feel it’s necessary. I still cannot believe these people took time out of their busy lives to read the book, let alone sit down to write the nicest reviews EVER. I was really nervous to reach out to all of them, but I fueled up on caffeine, gave myself a pep talk, and sent out the emails. And they all said yes, immediately. CRAZY.

Jerry frickin’ Saltz? {Yes, that is now how I refer to him at all times, because am still in disbelief that he said ‘yes’!}. I have to tell you, writing to the Senior Art Critic at New York Magazine is terrifying. What if he wrote me back and criticized me!? Um, hello, art school nightmare! Well he didn’t, thank goodness. He was hilarious, open, and generous {ok, he dished it out a tiny bit, but I totally handled it. Must have been the caffeine.}

Brené Brown. For real. Have you seen her TED Talk on shame and vulnerability? So, so good. And maybe you’d like to see what she and Oprah chatted about. Yes. Oprah. Without giving away too much, this book talks a lot about the insecurities that artists face every day – so who better to review the book than someone with a PhD in vulnerability, right?

And then there’s Faythe Levine. She is sort of a creative hero of mine. She owns an art gallery, is an artist herself, and she directs amazing documentaries that take a beautiful look at art in America {If you haven’t seen Handmade Nation, or Sign Painters… well, you should!}. I am thrilled to have an amazing working artist review a book about amazing working artists. It just makes sense.

Now, the final bit for the back cover. My bio photo. Ugh. I tried to use my Polaroid over the face shot that I use for most things, but my editor {the amazing Kate Woodrow}, wouldn’t let me do that. So, I called this guy:

Jeff Topham is an amazing photographer, writer, and film maker. I actually wrote about one of his film projects, Liberia ’77, in 2010. If you ever have a chance to watch it, please do. It’s ah-mazing. Anywho, not only is Jeff all of these things, he’s also one of my childhood friends, so when I had to do the dreaded “head shot” I knew he was my man. I call the photo above “You better not make me look like an idiot, or I’ll tell your mom what you did at that party in 10th grade.” Well, we had a few stops and starts, but he got the shot:

Yes! Done. I will now use this shot forever. Thanks Jeff! xo {ps. I won’t tell your mom anything!}

Ok, so that’s all I can tell you so far… basically now you know what’s happening on the front and back, and as Spring 2014 approaches I’ll let you know what’s going on the inside of this fantastic cover! Thank you again to Amanda, Jerry, Brené, Faythe, Jeff, Kate and all of the other crazy amazing people at Chronicle… not to mention the 50 contemporary artists featured in the book! You’ve all made my dream a reality.

{If you’re still reading, thanks for paying attention all the way through this very long post. This book has been a huge part of my life for the past year and a half and I just have to tell you about it, whether you want to know or not! Ok. I’m done now. Happy weekend!}

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  1. Melanie /// 06.28.2013 /// 6:48am

    EEEEK! It’s coming, it’s coming… super like this. That photo of you is amazing. I’m so excited for you! xoxo

  2. Lisa Chow /// 06.28.2013 /// 6:59am

    HOLY SMOKES! Congrats!!! 1) I can’t WAIT to preorder. 2) DUDE. Those are some amazing endorsements. 3) Look at you. You, cutie patootie. HOORAY!!!

  3. Rowan /// 06.28.2013 /// 7:01am

    You’re awesome! An inspiration to us all. I want those glasses BTW.

  4. Kristen Kieffer /// 06.28.2013 /// 7:03am

    Congratulations! Lots of good stuff all the way ’round! Great post, and look forward to YOUR book!

  5. Laura /// 06.28.2013 /// 7:05am

    Totally awesome – just like you! Can’t wait to see it and read it, and use it.

  6. Mary Gaspar /// 06.28.2013 /// 7:21am

    Wow so exciting and can’t wait to get the book! I love love love Brene Brown…actually reading her Daring Greatly right now. Awesome pics of awesome you!!

  7. Linda Colletta /// 06.28.2013 /// 7:23am

    Congrats. So inspiring.

  8. Amanda Hewitt /// 06.28.2013 /// 7:37am

    Will the book be available in Europe? I’m English but I live in France and I love your blog (the name and the content)and your taste in art.
    Congratulations – a book is the inevitable step following your wonderful blog.

  9. the jealous curator /// 06.28.2013 /// 7:43am

    oh, thanks so much amanda! and yes, it will be sold world-wide!!! sounds like the release date will be in march some time… i’ll keep you posted : )

  10. Sandra /// 06.28.2013 /// 7:44am

    Love IT!

    What a wonderful opportunity and experience. Can’t wait til it’s out!

  11. Jen /// 06.28.2013 /// 7:56am

    So so soooo excited for you my friend. It’s no wonder everyone said yes, you rock! I can’t wait for the book to come out.

    Sending you hugs and high-fives!

  12. Artsy Forager /// 06.28.2013 /// 7:57am

    OMG I had the same reaction when I saw the first endorsement photo– JERRY FRICKIN’ SALTZ!!! So very happy and excited for you!

  13. Lisa /// 06.28.2013 /// 8:00am

    I am so excited for you! This looks amazing… and that photo! Those endorsements! GET. IT. !!!

  14. Hannah Stephenson /// 06.28.2013 /// 8:43am

    Great news!! Congratulations!

    Blurbs are so nerve-wracking. In poetry land, the poets often request writers to blurb their book (so scary!). I just did this…

    So I am EXTRA happy about your awesome blurbers, and lovely photo!

  15. Ginny /// 06.28.2013 /// 8:43am

    GO DANIELLE!!! I’m working on the Fig House doing the renderings and know of your work. Awesome, awesome stuff! Congratulations girl 🙂

  16. Kate Woodrow /// 06.28.2013 /// 8:59am

    Much love from your proud editor 🙂 I love all my babies equally, but this book is such a dynamo!! You’ve blown me away with all your deliveries and I cannot wait til we get to the final package. Congratulations, D!!

  17. kate /// 06.28.2013 /// 9:00am

    amazing! it’s so exciting to hear about the project… even if only in small bites. can’t wait to hear/see more! xo

  18. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 06.28.2013 /// 9:21am

    thanks everyone! i could not be more excited about all of this (can you tell?!)

  19. Jen /// 06.28.2013 /// 9:32am

    LOVE this pic of you! I’ll have to use him for my headshot too 🙂 Although I don’t know what he did in the 10th grade 😉
    I’m SUPER excited to see the finished book! I know it will be awesome!

  20. Jessica /// 06.28.2013 /// 10:04am

    I’m on the verge of tears with happiness for you!! I have so appreciated how candid and funny and talented you are. Your website has become a daily spiritual ritual for me and I CAN’T wait for your book. You rock! Big, big hugs. xo

  21. Ellie /// 06.28.2013 /// 10:12am

    Wow! Congrats! I have followed your blog for the last few years and I am so excited about your book : )

  22. brandi marie /// 06.28.2013 /// 10:36am

    I cannot wait for your book, Danielle!! Congratulations! And your bio photo is beautiful and completely you <3

  23. Araya @ Wind and Willow Home /// 06.28.2013 /// 10:44am

    Yay! Can’t wait to read it and … in your face art school critic 🙂 Beautiful photo!

  24. Georgie /// 06.28.2013 /// 12:46pm

    That is the coolest news… I’m so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to read it next year 🙂

  25. Amy /// 06.28.2013 /// 1:22pm

    So exciting – congrats! And I laughed out loud at the Jerry Saltz comments. I booked him to speak at a conference a couple years ago and he can DEFINITELY dish it out (in a good-natured way)! You not only got great people to write about your work, but it’s such an interesting combination — really fantastic. Yay.

  26. Melinda's Musings /// 06.28.2013 /// 2:25pm

    Congratulations! What an accomplishment! Looking forward to finding out more…

  27. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 06.28.2013 /// 4:35pm

    Thanks everyone!!! xo

  28. Kari /// 06.28.2013 /// 5:52pm

    exciting! can’t wait for it to come out!

  29. Kristine /// 06.28.2013 /// 6:50pm

    Will you sign it for me? So i can say i knew oyu way back when. Very exciting!!!!!

  30. the jealous curator /// 06.28.2013 /// 7:24pm

    deal! should i mention the kraft dinner ; )

  31. Jojo /// 06.28.2013 /// 8:58pm

    This is all ridiculously insane. Xo

  32. Kirstin /// 06.29.2013 /// 4:07am

    Congrats! Looks so good! Can’t wait!

  33. Kathleen /// 06.29.2013 /// 6:41am

    YAY! You know how proud I am of you. Now it’s time to take over the world. XOXO

  34. Laura /// 06.29.2013 /// 8:01am

    Gahhhhhh! I’m so stoked! I want to be able to buy the book NOW! But meanwhile I’ll enjoy looking forward to it. So many congrats– and great photo!

  35. Ofelia /// 06.29.2013 /// 5:48pm

    I’m so happy for you. Your blog has being an inspirational channel for me and even though I don’t always comment, I always read, learn and get my brain lightball working!
    Muchas Felicidades y disfruta de estos momentos para que los recuerdos sean tan bellos como la realidad que vivistes!

  36. Holly Farrell /// 06.29.2013 /// 5:49pm

    Beautiful…let’s see it!!!!

  37. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 06.30.2013 /// 8:22am

    march 2014! ; ) (sooo long to wait!!)

  38. laura redburn // cardboardcities /// 06.30.2013 /// 12:55pm

    oh my goodness this is sooooo exciting!

  39. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 06.30.2013 /// 6:12pm

    thanks laura! : )

  40. Skiribilla /// 06.30.2013 /// 10:32pm

    Fantastic! Congratulations! I am Italian, I will try the book when the time comes!

  41. Lynn Faulkner Westerholm /// 07.01.2013 /// 7:36am

    Holy shit you are inspiring. Also, super smart. Also, adorable. Congratulations! Can’t wait to read it!

  42. Carmen /// 07.01.2013 /// 2:53pm

    I’m super excited to see this book!! Congrats! And as always thanks for this amaaazing blog. I stop by daily just to get that creative/you can-do-it! jolt!
    Thanks x one million for everything you share!

  43. Jill / TerraSavvy /// 07.01.2013 /// 5:22pm

    I’m so thrilled for you!

    Soak it all in and know you deserve this recognition for following your passions! You are an inspiration and I can’t wait to get my copy when it comes out!


  44. Melanie /// 07.01.2013 /// 8:49pm

    I just love your blog and love the idea of your book! Can’t wait to read it!

  45. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 07.02.2013 /// 9:30am

    thank you thank you thank you soooo much! : )

  46. Donna /// 07.05.2013 /// 3:56am

    I am not sure if I can cope with having to wait so long to get my hands on the book…

  47. the jealous curator /// 07.05.2013 /// 5:41am

    tell me about it! 😉

  48. Shari /// 07.06.2013 /// 1:16pm

    Congratulations, Danielle! I am so looking forward to reading your book… pst- do you think I can get your autograph, too?! xoxo

  49. the jealous curator /// 07.06.2013 /// 4:26pm

    thanks shari!! only if i get to actually visit with you in person do you get an autograph ; ) hope you’re well! xo

  50. Amy /// 07.25.2013 /// 8:18am

    You, my dear, are BEAUTIFUL! And I just got wind of your book, but I just wanted to let you know (in more than 140 characters) how thrilled I am for you! I can’t wait to see the book! One whole year, ARGH!

  51. the jealous curator /// 07.25.2013 /// 11:04am

    ha! thanks amy : ) it should be out in march 2014 so a little less than a year… but still, a bit of a wait! having a hard time waiting, myself! ; ) xo

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