i’m jealous of albert ruiz villar

Tape, paper, paint, pencil… a little bit of everything goes into the recipe that is the beautiful work of Barcelona based artist Albert Ruiz Villar. I love his color choices, compositions, use of hot pink tape, and the fact that he asks his little girl to title some of his work… the final piece above is called “Nobody eats under the table” – LOVE!!!

{Thanks to my lovely and talented friend, Jessica Bell, for telling me about Albert’s work – ps. Jes happens to be the new, very proud owner of “Nobody eats under the table”, which she picked out IN PERSON when she visited Albert’s Barcelona studio a few weeks ago. Ok. Jealous on soooo many levels.}

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  1. laura redburn // cardboardcities /// 07.08.2013 /// 9:13am

    oh these are dreamy! LOVE!

  2. Albert /// 07.09.2013 /// 2:59am

    Thank you very much! You guys are very kind. Salut! —A. Ruiz Villar

  3. the jealous curator /// 07.09.2013 /// 5:11am

    it’s easy to say nice things… your work is fantastic!!! : )

  4. Albert /// 07.10.2013 /// 3:53am

    : )

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  7. Brenna /// 07.14.2013 /// 7:55am

    How does one go about picking/purchasing if one isn’t in Barcelona? I didn’t see any links on his site.

  8. the jealous curator /// 07.14.2013 /// 6:36pm

    i’m not sure exactly! you’re right, he doesn’t sell on his site… but you can email him here: hola@ruizvillar.net
    let me know if you buy something!

  9. Albert /// 07.22.2013 /// 3:17am

    Hi Brenna, yes, contact me please at hola@ruizvillar.net and we’ll talk about it.