i’m jealous of minna resnick

Layers of textiles, photographs, and gorgeous key-line drawings. This is just a small fraction of the work that can be found on the site of New York based artist Minna Resnick. Her portfolio dates back to 1974!!! So yes… there’s lots of amazing work to see over there. Drawings, prints, ceramics, oh, and these:

Yep. That sounds about right!  These little vintage gems are part of Minna’s series {on souvenir hankies} titled “Family Vacation (Cambridge)” – I don’t know if I appreciate these more as an artist, or as a mother!

{Her work is represented in the permanent collections of the Brooklyn Museum, New York; the Denver Art Museum, Colorado; the New York Public Library; the Newark Museum, New Jersey; the United States Information Agency; the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England; and Kunsthaus Grenchen, Switzerland.}

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  1. Kelsey Lynore /// 07.16.2013 /// 7:49pm

    The prints are amazing. Incredibly psychological. Sometimes nightmarish — the maternal nail file and 50s children with teeter-totter make me nervous. :/

  2. the jealous curator /// 07.17.2013 /// 7:10am

    ha! me too : )

  3. Jane Griffith /// 07.17.2013 /// 9:24am

    Excellent prints Minna! You are so good, and to be able to have your art work in museums! What a dream come true! Thanks for sharing, Jane Griffith

  4. Steve Carver /// 07.17.2013 /// 9:40am

    Yes, Minna’s work is always inspiring, and I’m fortunate enough to live in the same NY city as she does, so I get to see it in person from time to time. Lucky me!

  5. Renate Ferro /// 07.17.2013 /// 9:40am

    I have been following Minna Resnick’s work for years. She is resoundingly inspirational and funny and I am thrilled to see her work moving towards the readymade hankies.

  6. Yael Brotman /// 07.17.2013 /// 10:05am

    Minna’s work is powerful and luscious. Plus she is incredibly prodigious. I too am jealous!

  7. Denise Rousset /// 07.17.2013 /// 12:10pm

    I knew Minna briefly in college, and never forgot her beautiful work. She impressed me then and continues to delight! Absolutely.

  8. steve gibson /// 07.17.2013 /// 12:33pm

    What a thrill to see Minna’s new work on your blog. She is a dynamo in the art world and these images demonstrate why.

  9. Minna Resnick /// 07.17.2013 /// 6:08pm

    All these compliments. I’m blushing. Many thanks to this blog. Funny, but I’ve been following the Jealous Curator EVERY SINGLE DAY for years and because I was printing in the studio yesterday, I didn’t have time to check. The one day that I missed! I happened to be alerted to my posting by a gentleman in London who inquired about my work — thank you, Michael.

  10. the jealous curator /// 07.17.2013 /// 6:59pm

    YAY!!! how exciting! i’m glad you saw the post : )

  11. mark lieberman /// 07.18.2013 /// 4:44am

    As the person, I have had the benefit of knowing Minna my entire life. She is a delight, a comfort and always educating me about her craft and life. I am excited to hear others appreciate her as I do!

  12. Linda Brandt Myers /// 07.18.2013 /// 9:11am

    Minna’s work continues to amaze, as does her technique. But the one thing that really amazes me is why hasn’t her art gotten the attention of a broader audience yet? Having her on the site, with a NYTimes link, is a step in the right directions.

  13. jeanette morrison /// 07.22.2013 /// 10:15am

    I agree with Linda–why is she not better known? ?? Having grown up together, and reconnected as adults, I am astounded at her continual progress and accomplishments. Does everyone know she has pursued printing and other art opportunities from Australia to Switzerland to China? With enthusiasm and modesty.