i’m jealous of randy grskovic

You know how I feel about Polaroids, right? And, you probably also know how I feel about geometrics… not to mention found image collage. Ok then, check these out:

Oh! So good. Canadian artist/curator/all-round creative guy Randy Grskovic is the man behind these lovely gems, which are an exercise in exploring memories whose documentation has been lost {ie., your mom threw out a bunch of your childhood photos when you left for college Рwhy would she do that?!}.

Now, what I love even more than these images is that Randy didn’t stop here. I’ve often talked about how much I admire artists who continue to push themselves and evolve their work – well, have a look at part II in this “Found Photographs” series:

Are. You. Kidding?! ‚ô•

{ps. Randy has an indigogo project happening right now, titled “100 Patrons” – it’s all about the artist/patron relationship, and making affordable art accessible to all. He’s half way to his goal with 17 days left. Pop over there and help if you can.}

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  1. lydia see /// 07.25.2013 /// 8:49pm

    STOP. enough of this, it’s just too good.

  2. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 07.25.2013 /// 9:34pm

    i know, right!?! sometimes it’s hard to handle all of the goodness that’s out there.

  3. bella /// 07.26.2013 /// 3:54am

    Ok, those are very very amazing. BUT, being a child of the 70s/80s, I think I would find it very difficult to cut up my pictures like that. Someone else’s, though, I’d be all over it. =)

  4. lydia see /// 07.26.2013 /// 6:02pm

    @bella : girl, I feel you. I do some work with old family photos and embroideries, and I have a huge aversion to making art out of the *actual* photographs. (I transfer images on to family cloths like napkins and kitchen towels instead).. but I envy artists who use the *real thing* because gah! they’re amazing.

  5. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 07.26.2013 /// 10:42pm

    i think these are found photos… not his actual family photos… i think?! randy, if you read this, let us know! : )

  6. Tracey /// 07.27.2013 /// 2:27pm

    While most artists “inspire” jealousy in me, there is something particularly jealousy inducing about those who deconstruct finished products only to reconstruct amazing ones !
    Or it could just be that i love collage……

  7. the jealous curator /// 07.27.2013 /// 11:05pm

    agreed… and me too! : )

  8. Edori Fertig /// 07.31.2013 /// 9:05am

    These are truly wonderful. I found your site through Pinterest. Love your things and I am always jealous as well! Anyway, check out my collective in London at http://www.skipsisters.co.uk and my fine art at http://www.edorifertig.com Let me know what you think. Cheers from Edori