i’m jealous of patrick lajoie & mara minuzzo

Ok. This is taking affordable prints to an entirely new place…

Vintage paint-by-number. On circular, salvaged wood. For $22. Gah!!! These cool little nods to the past are the work of Canadian couple Patrick Lajoie and Mara Minuzzo. At their home studio, in the rolling hills of beautiful Caledon, Ontario {just outside of Toronto},¬†they manually transfer the pigments of an archival print onto wood… 1/2″ thick birch plywood scraps left over from the construction of their studio workshop. LOVE!

{ps. I bought one before I posted this just so I could be sure to scoop the one I wanted! Any guesses?}

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  1. Trey Speegle /// 07.29.2013 /// 7:19am

    Looks familiar.

  2. the jealous curator /// 07.29.2013 /// 7:38am

    ha! no words though ; )

  3. jaime @ laviejaime /// 07.29.2013 /// 10:37am

    wow, so unique & such great prices. def fave-ing this on my etsy!

  4. heather /// 07.29.2013 /// 11:27am

    yea! bought one … for a christmas present for my hubs … looks just like our favorite camping site – whoot!

  5. elliot from endemicworld prints /// 07.29.2013 /// 1:22pm

    $22! That’s awesome. Love that these are perfect circle canvases too… definitely wishlisting on my Etsy for Christmas.

  6. mara minuzzo /// 07.30.2013 /// 8:06am

    just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for the great feature…we are so flattered you are ‘jealous’ of us!

  7. the jealous curator /// 07.30.2013 /// 8:26am

    oh you’re welcome! i bought one a couple of days ago and might have to come back for a few more ; ) (and i just reco’ed your branch hooks to a friend who is decorating her nursery with a “woods” theme!)

  8. lydia see /// 08.05.2013 /// 12:35pm

    which one did you buy? these are AWESOME.

  9. the jealous curator /// 08.05.2013 /// 12:58pm

    2nd one from the top (trees/mountains/lake) <3

  10. Clair /// 09.07.2013 /// 3:56pm

    My grandparents had 2nd and 3rd from the top hanging in their house in Glasgow all through my childhood. My mum and uncle had painted them sometime in the 60s.

  11. the jealous curator /// 09.07.2013 /// 8:10pm

    so fun! i love paint-by-numbers (and yes, i remember them on my grandparents wall too!)