i’m jealous of christina romeo

The stranger the portrait, the more I love it! These pretty, and slightly disturbing, girls are the work of Portland based artist Christina Romeo. I love the loose pencil lines, and I realize that the vibrant color is paint, but it sort of looks like cake frosting… and I sort of love that.

{Thanks to Jessica from StayWithYourself.com for the link to Christine’s work}

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  1. Jessica /// 08.28.2013 /// 8:47am

    Love love love it! Thanks so much for sharing Christina’s work :)! xo

  2. Rachel /// 08.28.2013 /// 12:02pm

    Hi Danielle,
    I posted about art on my blog today and since I always find amazing artists through you and this site as well as your posts on SFgirl I linked to both places in the post. I may have even used some pieces I pinned from you, but don’t remember for sure. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for always inspiring me and keeping me in tune with what’s cool out there.

  3. the jealous curator /// 08.28.2013 /// 1:01pm

    oh thanks so much!!! : )

  4. Kelsey Lynore /// 08.29.2013 /// 12:14am

    Perfectly uncomfortable. But is her palette always so consistent?

  5. the jealous curator /// 08.29.2013 /// 6:42am

    well, they’re all sort of similar to this, but no, i picked these ones out specifically – they were my faves!

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