i’m jealous of willy verginer… again

Whoa. I never cease to be amazed by the work of Italian sculptor Willy Verginer. Wood. Carved into this. Amazing. I wrote about him in 2010, and thought that I couldn’t love anything more than that body of work {because it’s stunning}, but I just popped over to his site to see if he had done anything new, and boy, had he! Wooden blooms sprouting from smooth, dreamy full-size wooden figures… and oh my word, that navy & cream palette… perfection.

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  1. Miss Ruth /// 09.23.2013 /// 8:54am

    Wow! Those are AMAZING!

  2. Kathy W /// 09.23.2013 /// 9:43am

    Holy smokes! Thanks for cluing me in.

  3. andrea /// 09.23.2013 /// 1:09pm

    Amazing!!, the palette is just perfect.

  4. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 09.23.2013 /// 6:20pm

    isn’t it!? so so so beautiful

  5. bits and bobs…. | violicious /// 09.24.2013 /// 5:02am

    […] I am also going to try a few of these out with the above fabric. And after seeing this post on the Jealous Curator last night, I was scheming on how to make the dress from this sculpture. Willy Verginer, wow. […]

  6. Reese Carrozzini /// 09.24.2013 /// 5:47am

    Wow! This is pretty amazing! Thanks!

    Reese Carrozzini Studio

  7. Autumn /// 09.26.2013 /// 2:28am

    Those are intensely beautiful and weird and so right. LOVE.

  8. Barbara Jean Golden /// 09.26.2013 /// 10:59am

    This Willy Verginer is futurist he has that third eye only certain creative individuals have. I am creative but, nothing like this. He is breath taking I dont care who you are or what your background is when you see this you go whoa who’s is that? how? um? It is soooo strikingly beautiful and majestic and speaks volumes to you. Absolutely awesome.

  9. the jealous curator /// 09.26.2013 /// 6:38pm

    agreed! all of it.

  10. Gee /// 10.11.2013 /// 7:18am

    You should check out anders krisar!

  11. the jealous curator /// 10.11.2013 /// 9:09am


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