i’m jealous of marta spendowska

Is it weird that I can almost smell this post? Ahhh… delicate, feminine, washy perfume bottles by Polish born / US based  Marta Spendowska. She has a portfolio full of lovely things {lots of fashion illustration} but it was these pretty little glass bottles that got me! Oh, and I kinda crazy love these watercolor pattern designs too:


ps. I don’t usually show images with watermarks on them, just because I feel like it takes away from the art… however, Marta told me that some of her pattern designs have been stolen/claimed by other people. I know that happens way too often {which is ridiculously insane to me} so I thought this might be a good chance to just say that out loud. Not cool, art stealers, not cool.

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  1. Jen /// 09.30.2013 /// 7:00am


  2. Camila /// 09.30.2013 /// 8:54am

    love love love!

  3. Kiana Mosley /// 09.30.2013 /// 9:47am

    Oh so lovely! And you’re right about the power of suggestion, like I have walked into a high end fragrance boutique… these would make for great branding!

  4. the jealous curator /// 09.30.2013 /// 9:53am

    i think that’s what they are… pretty sure these were from an illustration project she did… marta, did i get that right?! : )

  5. Frances /// 09.30.2013 /// 9:47am

    Wow! The colors are just bursting. Such a masterful use of watercolor.

  6. Ana /// 09.30.2013 /// 10:20am

    Oooh, pretty!

    (I’m so eloquent.)

  7. Marta Spendowska /// 09.30.2013 /// 10:50am

    Thank you so much Danielle 🙂

  8. Marta Spendowska /// 09.30.2013 /// 10:52am

    Yes, Danielle. The perfumes were for an European magazine, patterns are licensed 🙂

  9. Marta Spendowska /// 09.30.2013 /// 10:52am

    Thank you everyone for such kind words!

  10. A /// 10.02.2013 /// 6:16pm

    I literally said “oof” out loud when I saw these. In a good way. Love it when loose brushwork comes out looking so tangible! And the COLORS. I want her stuff all over my house.

  11. the jealous curator /// 10.02.2013 /// 7:08pm

    ha! i’m sure she’d love that too! : )

  12. anant kulkarni /// 02.22.2015 /// 9:52pm

    just fantastic ,reffered ur images onpintrest ,amaizing
    awaiting yr rep ..
    thanx ….

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