a very quick recap of a very fabulous night

Oh, that was fun! The opening of The Fig House has come and gone… and it was so much fun! Here’s the pre-party shot of my favorite space at Fig {perfect for evening cocktails – so pretty!!!}

Soooo pretty. Emily Henderson and her right hand-gal Ginny MacDonald did more than an amazing job! I just love it in here. Ok so… my plan had been to not forget that my phone was in my purse, to take lots of photos, and do a full recap… and then I got distracted! BUT, I can give you a few quick snapshots of how the night went down:

The amazing bar, with custom stained glass by Judson Studios:

The super duper beautiful Stephanie Vovas enjoying a “Queen’s English” with one of her stunning photographs in the background. GORGEOUS all around!

And, what party would be complete without a “fromage station”? {That’s one of Nike Schroeder‘s thread pieces behind the “fromage station”}:

Ok, so to be totally clear, this is NOT Nike Schroeder {although she was there – and she’s lovely and funny and great!}… this is a very pretty girl in a purple dress who was having someone take her photo in front of another one of Nike’s beautiful thread sculptures… so I jumped in and asked if I could grab the same shot – oh, so pretty, yes?

Love! You know what else I love? Sold stickers!!!!!!

Oh, now that’s pretty! Now, I would not normally show all of these photos of myself, but thanks to some very good hair and makeup people {I’m talkin to you Aviva and Stephen} I ended up looking better than I ever have , and thought I better document it!

Sigh. It was fun to feel like a movie star for a night! And alllllllll of this was possible thanks to these people:

Thank you so much Emily for bringing me into this project, and for trusting me with the art for these gorgeous teal walls. You are so talented, and truly amazing to watch in action! And Ginny… thank you for handling every little detail – even details that weren’t yours to take care of! Thank goodness for you! And finally,thanks so much to Steve {the owner of Fig House} – I’m so happy you let me hammer nails into your walls. I loved every second of it!

Oh… and one more! Look what happens when you take a cab home with LA photographer Stephanie Vovas {I basically got a Stephanie Vovas portrait, with an iPhone, for FREE in the back of a taxi. Awesome.}

Gah! I love it! Ok, I promise… no more photos of myself… I just can’t believe I got Stephanie to take my picture!

ps. If you happen to be at Fig for an event, and you want to buy some of the art, our gallery girl on the ground is Christine Fuchs. Find her card on the bar while you’re at your event, and she’ll get you set up! {Thanks so much for everything Christine! xo}

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  1. Eileen /// 11.22.2013 /// 10:45am

    Hi. Loved the Kai & Claire HERS, especially the girl holding the flowers with the blue background. I have contacted the artist and she says to contact FIG. The Fig phone number is not accepting messages. Any direction????I can’t stop thinking about it. Worried it may be gone.

    You all looked fabulous, the art is amazing. Great job.

  2. the jealous curator /// 11.22.2013 /// 11:42am

    thanks everyone! it was an amazing night in a beautiful space!
    ps. eileen… i just emailed you : )

  3. Jen /// 11.22.2013 /// 10:52am

    Whoa, hot mama! Rawr 😉

    Everything looks beautiful! Well done, well done.

  4. Kathy W /// 11.22.2013 /// 11:16am

    What a gorgeous place! All those jewel-tone furniture pieces are calling my name. Wow!

  5. lydia see /// 11.22.2013 /// 12:39pm

    1. My lady crush on you is officially confirmed.
    2. Watching the evolution of this space has been so so so inspiring, and seeing it come to fruition in this way quite rewarding, if even only through the internet.
    3. this is all just so fantastic.

  6. Jessica /// 11.22.2013 /// 12:40pm

    Wow! I love love love how gorgeous the space turned out! You are freaking fabulous and I couldn’t be more happy for you. Yay!!! xo

  7. the jealous curator /// 11.22.2013 /// 12:52pm

    oh thanks ladies! you’re all so so so sweet – i appreciate your support soooo much! xo

  8. Sandra /// 11.22.2013 /// 1:19pm

    What an amazing evening and even more, an incredible project. Great idea and so glad you got to take part.

    And gorgeous are you…

  9. Elsita /// 11.22.2013 /// 1:28pm

    Congratulations, Danielle!
    You look absolutely beautiful in the photos. Don’t stop posting pictures of you, please!
    The first photo of the place is perfect. I love the colors of the walls, the furniture, lamps, rugs, the mirrors…and the art! I would love to be there in person one day.

  10. Ginny /// 11.22.2013 /// 1:43pm

    Yes! It was thee most perfect night! You looked amazing 🙂 Had such fun working with you and wish your sunny home wasn’t so far away or we’d be meeting for cocktails and coffee all the time 🙂 Thank you for bringing in such wonderful art… it totally ‘made’ the space! I wish last night never ended, so much fun and very full of happiness today xXx

  11. Mary Closner /// 11.22.2013 /// 1:53pm

    What a brilliant event! You look so lovely. I’m glad you took lots of photos so you can tell your kids that’s what you looked like every day, just wanderin’ around the house doing laundry! Don’t you remember that part of your childhood?

  12. Jaime /// 11.22.2013 /// 2:06pm

    SO GOOD TO SEE YOU xoxoxoxoxo

  13. Mary Gaspar /// 11.22.2013 /// 6:09pm

    Everything looked perfect and you were the belle of the ball! Seriously such an amazing project with all my favorite movers and shakers. I hope I can get to The Fig House soon-my old stomping ground! Well done beautiful!

  14. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 11.22.2013 /// 6:24pm

    oh, thanks so much everyone! i was just honored to be a small part of this gigantic project! and jaime – yes, sooooooo great to see you! love that dress ; )

  15. Christine /// 11.24.2013 /// 4:14pm

    thank YOU danielle.

    you really did look stunning like Ginny said

  16. the jealous curator /// 11.25.2013 /// 9:13am

    right back atcha christine! xo

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