sarah ball

Ok, these are the prettiest mugshots I’ve ever seen. These oil on panel portraits are part of a series, titled ACCUSED, by British artist Sarah Ball. I’m not sure what these trouble-makers did, but I’d probably let all of them go just for lookin’ so darn good!

{I found this work through London’s bo.lee gallery. They’ll be showing Sarah’s work at the London Art Fair in January 2014 and are planning a solo Show for her in May.}

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  1. Caroline Golden /// 12.02.2013 /// 8:57am

    These mugshots are enchanting! Could not decide which one spoke to me the most – they are all wonderfully provocative.

  2. Katherine /// 12.02.2013 /// 12:43pm

    As a collector of photobooth photos, these works really appeal to me. It si so wonderful to see them. I rarely comment, but I do love this blog. I never miss a post. Thanks for all the work you put into it!

  3. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 12.02.2013 /// 3:33pm

    oh thanks so much katherine… and yes, these are so fantastic!! i can’t decide either, caroline… although that final lady is at the top of my list!

  4. Joseph Clarke /// 12.19.2013 /// 7:52am

    All these works are from Sarah Ball’s exhibition ‘Accused Part 2’ – Plenty of further information at

  5. Joseph Clarke /// 12.19.2013 /// 7:53am

    Apologies this is the correct link: