molly evans (#lionelstitchie)

Now, if this is not the best way to start a Monday, I just don’t know what is! Milwaukee based artist Molly Evans, aka #LionelStitchie, made me feel like I was dancin’ on the ceiling when I saw this bright yellow stitching on forgotten furniture. Here’s how it all started:

“During the Summer of 2013 I set out on a mission to entertain my (somewhat grumpy) neighbor with an outdoor embroidery project on their discarded sofa that would make the seemingly unlovable couch more lovable. Weeks had gone by without a single bite; no one wanted that sad brown three-seater. I gave it a voice. More specifically, I gave it Lionel Richie’s lovable voice, and the rest is history.”

None of these photographs are currently for sale, but Molly has a suggestion for that… “What can you do with all that extra money burning a hole in your pocket? Why not donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, a cause near and dear to Mr.Richie” – So awesome!

{…thank you to the lovely and talented American photographer Amber Mahoney for sending me a link to this hilarious work!}

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  1. anne /// 12.16.2013 /// 11:29am

    how cool!!
    happy to have discovered your blog 🙂

  2. the jealous curator /// 12.16.2013 /// 12:04pm

    oh thanks anne – happy that you found me : )

  3. Brandyn | Southern Distinctions /// 12.16.2013 /// 3:37pm

    This definitely put a smile on my face today! People are so creative and fun. Thanks for sharing ~

  4. MellyJ /// 12.16.2013 /// 5:38pm

    Hey, I know this artist! Way to support MKE art!

  5. Jen /// 12.16.2013 /// 5:40pm

    Such fun–I love it!

  6. meredith /// 12.18.2013 /// 12:21pm

    Its hard to make me like that sofa, but they did. Funny!

  7. the jealous curator /// 12.18.2013 /// 1:41pm

    ha! me too!

  8. Katie /// 12.21.2013 /// 8:19am

    I love this! So whimsical. Also love you blog, keep it up–its like my daily museum visit.

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  10. Erika /// 01.10.2014 /// 12:45pm

    OH MY GOSH. I love these, this is so great.

  11. joan iaconetti /// 02.07.2014 /// 6:54am

    Wow…when i clicked on ‘urban street art’, this is NOT what i was expecting to find! what a great surprise!! nothing better than making something out of nothing…except making something whimsically delightful out of something ugly! thank you, Molly…a fan from Racine, now in NYC.