leandro erlich

Yes. I really really want to dangle myself from one of those pretty french balconies… from the safety of the floor! Leandro Erlich is an amazing installation artist from Argentina. I may have to post about him again next week because there is just so much insanely amazing stuff in his portfolio… but for today, let’s concentrate on this beauty, shall we? This work, titled Bâtiment, is not new {2004 I believe} but I’m still in complete awe. This facade was placed on the floor {at a group show in Paris}, with a huge mirror positioned above it at a 45 degree angle resulting in this gorgeous/death defying illusion! That’s right kids, don’t try this at home… unless you have a fake facade and a great big mirror.

Happy weekend : )

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  1. Mary Gaspar /// 02.28.2014 /// 7:55am

    I keep scrolling through these pics with a big grin on my face…it’s just so clever and fun!

  2. the jealous curator /// 02.28.2014 /// 8:05am

    wouldn’t you LOVE to play around on there?!

  3. aearthr /// 02.28.2014 /// 11:22am

    This is incredible. How I wish I can join in the fun!

  4. Carla /// 02.28.2014 /// 1:45pm

    OMG! I can’t believe I have been in there and now you’re making a post about it!
    This installation is in an old electricity factory that was renovated and now the building works as an art museum, in Buenos Aires.

  5. Dale /// 02.28.2014 /// 5:12pm

    I was there too – just this past weekend! Its a super cool & fun installation, in a lovely building.

  6. claire /// 03.05.2014 /// 4:39am

    We had one in London last summer, it was amazing, so fun. I didn’t get a go as there were massive queues but it was great to watch.

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