josh meyer & ashod simonian

Collages, totally made up authors/novels, and perfume… what a magical combination! Perfumer Josh Meyer is the creator of Imaginary Authors – a collection of perfumes with personality. Each scent is brought to life using a fictional author, and their stories, to draw you into the scent. So fun! And not only that, each story/perfume also has a custom found-image collage as it’s label. Josh teamed up with artist Ashod Simonian for those. Now, I have no idea what these perfumes smell like, but I’m thinking “The Soft Lawn” might be lovely for a summer day, while “The Cobra and The Canary” might get me into a bit of trouble!

ps. The lovely ladies of Little Yellow Couch are doing a sample set give-away… The deadline is March 24th, so get over there and enter. Oh, and let me know what “Cape Heartache” smells like!

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  1. shae /// 03.21.2014 /// 1:45pm

    oh my goodness… I love THIS!!!! I Love the whole idea of this!!!! It makes me want to throw open all of my art journals and find all the crazy poetic sentences and enchanting words I have written and create something wonderful! In fact …I willl …thankyou for sharing such amazing inspirations!!! Shae xo P.S. dying to inhale the essencse of them all!!!

  2. jellyfishheart /// 03.22.2014 /// 7:28am

    I can not stress enough how delicious Cape Heartache smells. It is delicious. Do yourself a favor and order some.

  3. the jealous curator /// 03.22.2014 /// 11:00pm

    ha! good to know!

  4. Kathe Koja /// 03.24.2014 /// 5:24am

    This is total fun.

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