jennifer davis … joyride

Oh, yes! I want to swing on those swings, under those lights, surrounded by bizarre, large-scale, carousel-inspired creatures! I mentioned a pre-release print from this show a few weeks ago, but now Joyride, a new solo exhibition by Minneapolis based artist Jennifer Davis is open for business! I absolutely love every piece in this show, and I’m particularly excited about this because almost two years ago, I was sitting on a warm patio in Minneapolis having a post GIRL CRUSH dinner with Jennifer, and she told me that she was waiting to find out about a grant… a grant that would allow her to do a road trip to a bunch of US cities, that were famous for their old carousels, so that she could gather inspiration/source materials to do a huge, whimsical, solo show. A few days after I left, she sent me an email… yep, she got the grant 

* This show will be up at Public Functionary, in Minneapolis, until April 25th. That means you can swing on swings this weekend if you want to… Go!

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  1. Jessica /// 04.11.2014 /// 7:40am

    I’m in love!! This show looks seriously awesome.

  2. the jealous curator /// 04.11.2014 /// 7:42am

    isn’t it gorgeous?! and fun! and colorful! and amazing!!!

  3. danielle @ this picture book life /// 04.11.2014 /// 8:40am

    So striking!

  4. maggie /// 04.11.2014 /// 8:52am

    Oh yes, I am all about this. This show looks amazing.

  5. Jenn /// 04.11.2014 /// 9:26am

    The striped faces – love it! Now I want to find old rocking horses to paint.

  6. Mary Gaspar /// 04.11.2014 /// 6:17pm

    Oh yes would LOVE to see this show…I love her work and the funnnn!

  7. Shayna /// 04.12.2014 /// 9:58am

    I’m so thrilled that she received a grant to gather resources and inspiration for these wonderful pieces! It reminds me greatly of The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury.

  8. Michael Statham /// 04.12.2014 /// 3:28pm

    This is lovely work, particularly the fairground ponies. Excellent.

  9. ferdi /// 04.15.2014 /// 1:45pm

    I can’t believe I’m jealous too, because she is so talent! 😉

  10. Amelia /// 05.31.2014 /// 4:49am

    I love this. You are awesome.

  11. Brittany /// 06.18.2014 /// 8:02am

    I really enjoy Jennifer Davis’ work and am so glad you shared it! Here is an interview with her on my blog: