sayuri sasaki hemann

YAY! I cannot believe I found this! Two years ago I was rushing through the Portland airport and was stopped in my tracks by this amazing installation. I quickly looked at the artist’s name printed on the glass and tried to commit it to memory as I ran for my flight… and then I forgot. Well, thank goodness for Pinterest, because yesterday morning I was drinking coffee and scrolling through the art section, and voila… textile jellyfish floating peacefully in a giant glass tank! I now know that this is the work of Japanese born, Iowa based artist Sayuri Sasaki Hemann. These gorgeous fabric jellyfish, and felted anemones {is that what those are called?} were part of a huge installation at the Portland airport in 2012, titled “Underwater Flight”. It really did look like a huge, magical aquarium… so peaceful, so delicate, amazing.

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  1. Meredith /// 05.09.2014 /// 7:45am

    They are so soft and airy feeling. Love the materials and the way that she used them.

  2. Lori Dean Dyment /// 05.09.2014 /// 8:05am

    Oooooo……so very lovely.

  3. Sharmon Davidson /// 05.09.2014 /// 9:16am

    So beautiful and delicate – at first I thought they were paper. I would love to be wlking in the midst of this beautiful underwater world.

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  5. maggie /// 05.09.2014 /// 10:26am

    I thought these were paper at first, too! Love these fabric jelly fish, so pretty.

  6. GeeklyGirl /// 05.10.2014 /// 9:39am

    Wow! It’s gorgeous! It really looks like they’re swimming in the middle of the air.

  7. Andrea /// 05.12.2014 /// 12:42am

    So beautiful and peaceful!!!

  8. brandi marie /// 05.12.2014 /// 5:14am

    Ha! Danielle, I saw these in the PDX airport too! Really beautiful.

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  10. Carolyn Cardinet /// 05.16.2014 /// 4:13am

    As a creator of Jellyfish with found materials I love this work!
    Thanks for sharing

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  12. Rebecca /// 05.22.2014 /// 6:35pm

    So beautiful and delicate. The lighting in these pictures enhances the “otherworldly” (underwater) feeling of these. Speaking of underwater, the felted pieces look like sponges. Anemones are the multi-“fingered” plants clownfish (e.g. Nemo) abide in.

    I love that you found the work again. On a side note: interesting it was at Portland airport. Sea-Tac has art installations, also. Maybe it has something to do with the weather?

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