keun young park

Whoa. Teeny tiny bits of torn and pasted photo on paper. This is the meticulous work of Korean born, New Jersey based artist Keun Young Park. I do not know how she has the patience to create masterpiece after masterpiece… absolutely stunning.

{Thanks to Jeanne for the link to this work}

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  1. maggie /// 05.13.2014 /// 9:05am

    I definitely would not have this patience, so kudos to him! Absolutely lovely.

  2. Linda @ A La Place Clichy /// 05.13.2014 /// 9:46am

    This is absolutely incredible. I am just in awe with how beautiful this is. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. john spiegel /// 05.14.2014 /// 10:52am

    I have a feeling that these are actually old film photos that have been placed in the sun so that the emulsion begins to crack. I don’t believe hey are tiny individual pieces of paper that have been pasted back together by someone with extremely good patience and hands!

  4. the jealous curator /// 05.15.2014 /// 7:37am

    no, they really are tiny bits of paper. here’s a description from her site: “The artist begins her process with original photographs keyed to various evocative hues. The images are shredded by hand into thousands of tiny pieces that are then reassembled. Between the pasted pieces are thin, white, vein-like lines that reveal the texture of the paper’s edge.”

  5. laura redburn /// 05.19.2014 /// 11:38am

    wow. just wow. so much patience and what a stunning result!