amanda brazier

This is the gorgeous work of Chattanooga based artist Amanda Brazier. Her compositions are modern, but almost rustic at the same time. And her colors – oh my –these palettes are so beautifully unique… and you’ll find out why in about 32 seconds:

“My work explores man’s elemental interaction with his environment, particularly in the measured way he builds and inhabits shelter. Influenced by the forms and materials of primitive earth dwellings, my visual language is grounded in architecture and repetition. Like the building process, the paintings develop through stacking, weaving, and assembling simple forms. In addition to referencing the physical structure of a home, the textures and patterning of the paintings suggest woven cloths or quilts, also symbols of protection and comfort. I make paint from pigments processed from the soils near my home, constructing a painted sanctuary with a sense of its origin and culture.”

Yes, she MAKES HER OWN PAINT from soil near her home… WHAT?! Um, how beautiful is this…

Sigh. Love.

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  1. Debra /// 06.04.2014 /// 7:18am

    Oh what a great concept and I love the picture of her making the paint along side her work. A true craftsman of her work.

  2. Gabriela Talarico /// 06.04.2014 /// 7:46am


  3. Jessica /// 06.04.2014 /// 7:53am

    Totally awesome. I’m inspired to make my own paint!

  4. the jealous curator /// 06.04.2014 /// 8:35am

    so inspiring!

  5. maggie /// 06.04.2014 /// 11:10am

    …she makes her own paint? Incredible!

  6. Kreetta /// 06.04.2014 /// 12:40pm


  7. Pad /// 06.04.2014 /// 6:46pm

    She has a stack of paint tubes, will she be going commercial with paints. I admire her work and making her own paints. May be she can give lessons.

  8. Kiana Mosley /// 06.04.2014 /// 10:32pm

    this is beyond amazing – the modern paleolithic!

  9. Lauren /// 06.12.2014 /// 12:57am

    Hero status. I aspire to this!

  10. MarkBradley-Shoup /// 06.30.2014 /// 6:11am

    One of my favorite painters in the southeast! I am glad she is getting the attention she deserves.

  11. the jealous curator /// 06.30.2014 /// 8:26am

    hi mark! yes, she’s fantastic isn’t she? i met her at “beautifully boring” : )

  12. Olivia Hart-Hughes /// 01.08.2015 /// 7:56am

    Wow! I’m blown away by her commitment and dedication to her craft.
    Pad – I agree, I would love to learn how to make my own paint.

    Thanks for sharing her story.

  13. K Hubbard /// 02.06.2015 /// 5:42pm

    This is a wonderful example for my 5th & 6th grade art students about making “earth tone” paints! I usually have them make “cave paintings” using paint they (tried to) grind up themselves, from stuff I have collected, including some GORGEOUS, bright yellow-orange ochre I found in a road cut about 50 miles from our town in western Kansas.

  14. Ruth Andre /// 06.30.2015 /// 4:30pm

    What a fabulous post. I love seeing these beautiful paintings. Amanda Brazier is to be commended.

  15. Kali /// 09.15.2015 /// 1:36pm

    oh, hey! thats my cousin!! she has her basement dedicated to her work! she is truly inspiring!!!!

  16. Rebecca Serrano /// 09.02.2018 /// 12:27am

    Great idea