deedee cheriel

I wrote about Deedee Cheriel and her screaming bears a few years ago, but when I was in LA last week I saw those three zebra girls at a great shop in Silver Lake called Reform School… yep, time to write a new post! Zebra girls, fish-riding birds, and bird girls in a cat fight… so, so, so much love {almost as much love as that burning tree guy and his sassy birdfriend… almost.}

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  1. danielle @ this picture book life /// 06.30.2014 /// 7:57am

    Love her work (and love that store—it’s in my neighborhood!).

  2. the jealous curator /// 06.30.2014 /// 8:26am

    such a great store!!! and as soon as i walked in those zebra girls grabbed my eye… and pulled me over like an artsy beacon! ; )

  3. maggie /// 06.30.2014 /// 9:35am

    I live so close to that shop! Think I have to visit it now.

  4. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 06.30.2014 /// 12:15pm

    yes! go! so much great stuff!!!

  5. Jenn /// 06.30.2014 /// 3:45pm

    The fish-riding girls with the seaweed reins!

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