lena wolff

Traditional quilt patterns {and a few exotic animals}… with a modern hand-cut ‘n painted paper twist! I am always in awe of precise, intricate hand-cut work {this is when you should scroll back up and have a closer look at that first black & cream piece… I’ll wait} So gorgeous, yes?! Ahhh, the collages of San Francisco based artist Lena Wolff. Love.

{Some of this work is part of a group show at CULT in San Francisco – up now until August 2, 2014}

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  1. Ann Tilley /// 07.09.2014 /// 11:56am

    Ahh! So freakin’ gorgeous!! I was over at my friend’s mother’s house the other day and she had a similar quilt star art piece but it was made of cut out wood and set together like a puzzle!! And the wood was hand-dyed..gahh!!

  2. the jealous curator /// 07.09.2014 /// 3:14pm

    wow! do you know who the artist was?