stefan peters

Oh, I love these paintings by Belgian painter Stefan Peters. I loved them immediately, but it took me a second to figure out why… it’s the shadows! These gorgeous, muted landscapes almost look like circular shadow boxes, with the trees and clouds sitting closer to us than the sky/rest of the forest. So beautiful… and not tiny! These circular canvases range in size from 20″ to  44″ in diameter. Yes. I’m going to need one. Or eight.

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  1. Jen /// 08.14.2014 /// 7:59am

    I love these too. Somehow the roundness makes them more mysterious. Would love to see them in person, to get the impact of their size.

  2. Frances Marin /// 08.14.2014 /// 8:09am

    Oh yes, the shadows! These are absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors, shape, subject matter and of course, the shadows.

  3. Jennifer Forbes /// 08.14.2014 /// 8:29am

    Hauntingly beautiful! Do you know for sure they’re on canvas? The first thing I thought when I saw them is that they look like they were reverse-painted on glass!

  4. raylee syrch /// 08.14.2014 /// 2:30pm

    shadows make all the difference, adding so much depth to the picture.

  5. Natalie /// 08.14.2014 /// 4:34pm

    Wow I totally agree, they’re all so beautiful. All of the shapes and colours are fantastic! I thought they were all in shadow boxes too.

  6. near711 /// 08.18.2014 /// 6:14am

    Outrageously beautiful! Love the colors!

  7. Kate /// 08.18.2014 /// 9:08am

    Thanks for sharing! Blogging about his Diaphanous series as we speak…

  8. Art Hound /// 08.18.2014 /// 9:30am

    […] via the Jealous Curator. […]

  9. sofia /// 11.07.2014 /// 5:12am

    Maravilloso trabajo!! felicitaciones desde Chile.

  10. Sadia Khan /// 04.02.2016 /// 1:43am

    I wanted to buy to buy the paintings of Belgian painter Peter Stephen what is the process

  11. the jealous curator /// 04.02.2016 /// 8:19am

    you’ll have to contact him… click on his name to visit his site (i don’t sell his work… i just admire it) : )

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