erik mattijssen

This work by Amsterdam based artist¬†Erik Mattijssen makes me want to set up the weirdest collection of things I can find, and get to work on my first ever still life painting! So many ¬†stunning colors, so many bizarre bits ‘n pieces. I love all of these paintings, but it’s those grey, wooden table tops covered in plants & linens that are killing me. Fantastic!

{discovered via Artsy Forager}

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  1. Dawn Pearcey /// 08.18.2014 /// 7:58am

    Oh…I agree on wanting to set up a crazy still life! These ARE fantastic (love the book spines!)

  2. kellyjo /// 08.18.2014 /// 8:25am

    Wish I had one of these in my home. Such color and quirkiness!

  3. Heather /// 08.18.2014 /// 9:28am

    Are these watercolor?

  4. the jealous curator /// 08.18.2014 /// 9:42am

    don’t quote me, but i think they might be gouache

  5. Jennifer Johansson /// 08.18.2014 /// 11:16am

    Wow, just wow. His use of color and his detail….New fave here! Must go off to find more of his stuff. Great find as always!

  6. Christine Louise Brown /// 08.18.2014 /// 3:06pm

    The fullness of these paintings is so refreshing! Who says “declutter”?

  7. Julieta /// 08.18.2014 /// 4:05pm

    Is he the son of early Matisse and Calder? I am absolutely in love…

  8. Erik Mattijssen /// 08.19.2014 /// 7:53am

    How encouraging and thrilling to read all this: it is a mix of soft pastel, pencil and gouache on paper. And sometimes I add cut outs, loosely hanging in front of the work, like in the pinkish bedroom.
    Love from Amsterdam.

  9. the jealous curator /// 08.19.2014 /// 10:09am

    ah! thank you so much for commenting erik… nice to hear it straight from the source (LOVE your work!)

  10. Marietta /// 08.19.2014 /// 12:10pm

    I wish I could live in these paintings!

  11. tatiana /// 08.21.2014 /// 12:33am

    my heart stops when looking at these works!
    so wonderful to read your comment, erik!

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  13. jessica ann mills /// 03.15.2015 /// 5:04pm

    Ooh these inspire me to set up in friends’ apartments/houses and begin doing studies of their collections!