custom piece by holly farrell!

* Well, that’s done… ?! It took about 30 minutes for Holly to reach her goal! You guys are amazing! xo

Yes. You read that correctly! Put in your bid for a custom still life painting of one of YOUR beloved objects! Toronto based Holly Farrell is not only an insanely talented painter, she’s also an amazingly kind person. Here’s the deal, and the reason she decided to do this auction, in Holly’s words:

“This is for a little ballet dancer named Megan: She is 10 years old, and from Orillia, ON. My sister has known her since she was a baby, and is very close with the family – so close in fact, that due to Megan’s mother being ill, my sister Lorie has been asked to accompany Megan to Poland for a dance competition. Megan must be an amazing dancer as she has been asked to compete with two teams! Lorie has been making casseroles and selling them to friends and family to raise the much needed $6000 for the trip – I am hoping you will help me reach their goal – 100% of the winning bid will go towards Megan’s trip.”

Isn’t that the sweetest thing? So, if you have a pair of ballet slippers (how appropriate would that be!?), or your childhood skates, or a favorite piece of pottery that belonged to your grandmother, etc etc… and you’d like Holly to paint it (approx 16″x12″, valued at $2600) then just email Holly at, and make your bid! Bidding starts at $1 and closes on September 1.

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  1. Dawn Pearcey /// 08.21.2014 /// 9:51am

    I love Holly Farrell’s work. This news is people-amazing all around, and kudos to Megan!

  2. Alynka Alcocer /// 08.22.2014 /// 8:23am

    No doubt it´s a very noble action of the painter, the purpose is so sweet. I feel so happy and lucky to have the opportunity to be writing this lines, I wan to contribute to Megan´s trip and support Holly. I have a dear doll that my grand mother gave me, I´m 26 years old woman now and would love to have a little pairing of it. That would be so fantastic on these days, my birthday is coming up.

    Wish you the best.

    Thank you.

    Miss Alynka.

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