stacy altiery (and me… kinda)

Now this was fun! Artist/designer Stacy Altiery makes lovely prints, specializing in gold foil. She reached out and asked if I’d like to collaborate… she would do the typesetting design and production – I would come up with the words and paper colors… UM, ok!!! The phrases {and quote} I chose are all things that seem to come up over and over again when I talk to people about my book, CREATIVE BLOCK. I thought it would be fun to take a few of these thoughts and turn them into gold {on your choice of white, pink, mint or charcoal no less!}. Stacy and I decided to make them into lucite trays so that you can actually use these gems in your studio! The next time you’re in there, reaching for a pin or a bead or a bit of paper you’ll get a little creative reminder, like…

HA! This is the one I got for my studio… ah yes, there’s just something about seeing Asshole typeset in gold script on a pretty pink background! LOVE.

{All of them are available right here – and Stacy, thank you for doing this with me! I love what you did for each and every one of them.}

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  1. Peggy benedict /// 08.30.2014 /// 7:49am

    I would like all of them!

  2. sarah /// 08.30.2014 /// 7:57am

    Awesome!! Can’t wait till I get my studio in place and have these up for that inspiration and push!!

  3. Claire /// 08.30.2014 /// 8:30am

    Ha! Love these. Will they also be available as prints?

  4. the jealous curator /// 08.30.2014 /// 9:15am

    hi claire… i hope so! stacy and i were just talking about that!

  5. Shannon /// 08.30.2014 /// 10:52am

    These. Are. Amazing. Def getting the asshole one. 🙂

  6. the jealous curator /// 08.30.2014 /// 3:52pm

    that’s my favorite one too! 🙂

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    […] ♥ I love this collaboration between Danielle Krysa (aka ‘The Jealous Curator’) and Stacy Altiery. […]

  8. Stacy Altiery /// 09.02.2014 /// 7:10am

    This is just too much fun! Thank you for collaborating with me.

  9. Sylvia /// 09.10.2014 /// 10:36am

    I love this and I’d love to see them as prints!

  10. Mary /// 03.19.2016 /// 12:15am

    I saved these to my interest board “life planning.goals.motivation and planning” I received an e-mail from the interest team that they had to remove my pin because it was sexually explicit and/or contained pornographic material!!!!! WTF, it was the ” my inner critic is an asshole” that someone complained about. What am I missing here????? You can’t get me to believe that there are still so many under educated, ignorant people out there, this just blows my mind. I love your site by the way. Pinterests outer critic’s are asshole.