david pirrie

Huge, snowcapped, breathtaking mountains… covered in perfect, bright, semi-transparent dots? YES! These large scale paintings {and two drawings on mylar near the top} are the work of Canadian artist David Pirrie. He grew up in British Columbia {as did I}, and these mountains were his playground. I’ve seen these rocky beauties in person… now I need to see these huge, gorgeous paintings in person! Love, love, love.

{Thanks to Jessica G. for sending me a link to David’s work}

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  1. Keely Reyes /// 09.03.2014 /// 8:13am

    These are beautiful! I love how playful the dots are, without being over the top silly/girly. Thanks for sharing more gorgeous work 🙂

  2. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 09.03.2014 /// 10:10am

    aren’t they great!!! always happy to share : )

  3. Winston Struye /// 09.03.2014 /// 10:11am

    These are beautiful! New desktop background =)

  4. Jim Harris /// 09.04.2014 /// 2:03pm

    Fantastic paintings.

  5. Courtenay Spencer /// 09.04.2014 /// 9:54pm

    I walk by his work often on route from my house to Granville Island. Great stuff!

  6. Courtenay Spencer /// 09.04.2014 /// 9:55pm

    ….also, saw a nice little article about you in the Opus newsletter. Keep up the great work. Love the blog!

  7. the jealous curator /// 09.05.2014 /// 6:37am

    oh! thanks courtenay (and i love that walk down s.granville to granville island! i used to live not far from there!)

  8. Scott /// 09.06.2014 /// 9:03am

    Love these!

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