anna kövecses

Isn’t this the sweetest alphabet book!? And it’s even sweeter when you find out that Hungarian-born, Cyprus based artist/illustrator, Anna Kövecses, made this for her four year old daughter, Rebeka. Here is Anna’s description:

“This book is the result of a very personal project aiming to introduce a little girl to the 44 letters of the Hungarian alphabet. Illustrations were carefully designed so that every subject that appears in this book is something she’s currently very much interested in. So in one way this book is not just a tool but also a diary documenting a four-year-old little girl’s world in the summer of 2013 on an island in the Mediterranean Sea…”

What a wonderful mom… and an insanely talented artist! These were just a few of my favorite pages, and I have to say, the Canadian in me thought it was pretty awesome that ‘Yukon’ made an appearance! Anna self-published this lovely project through Blurb, so if you want to learn the Hungarian alphabet, or like me, you just really really want a copy of that campfire illustration, you can buy the book here.

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  1. maggie /// 09.12.2014 /// 8:05am

    This is adorable…and makes me wish I spoke Hungarian.

  2. Rosa @ FLUTTER FLUTTER /// 09.12.2014 /// 8:05am

    Love her use of colour!

  3. MARK HEGEMANN /// 09.12.2014 /// 10:37am

    Very nice idea, Graphic-Design and colors

  4. Ruth R /// 09.12.2014 /// 10:50am

    I agree – these are lovely. And like you JC, I’m especially in love with the campfire, and happy that the Yukon was included!

  5. nuagetrilla /// 09.13.2014 /// 4:10am

    I am from Hungary and I am very proud to see Anna’s book on your site!!!you made my (rainy) day here in Budapest… there are so many talented artists in this little country… visit us!

  6. the jealous curator /// 09.13.2014 /// 3:12pm

    oh that’s so nice! yes, there is so much talent all over the planet! i’d love to make it to your corner of the world one day 🙂

  7. Masha /// 09.14.2014 /// 3:16am

    Great artist and designer, one the best recent discoveries. Her additional work on the web is beautiful and so smart.
    Thanks for sharing!