beth lo

Oh, I cannot even tell you how much I love these little ceramic children stuck to the wall! They are the work of American artist Beth Lo – she was born in the USA to parents who had immigrated from China…

“My work revolves primarily around issues of family and my Asian-American background. Cultural marginality and blending, tradition and Westernization, language and translation are key elements in my work.”

So fantastic! Beth is a very accomplished artist {clearly}, and she also happens to be a professor of ceramics & drawing at the University of Montana… is it too late for me to enroll?!

comments (5)

  1. tijana /// 09.18.2014 /// 10:12am

    whoa! love this 🙂 yay!!!

  2. maggie /// 09.18.2014 /// 10:28am

    These are too adorable – love this!

  3. danielle @ this picture book life /// 09.18.2014 /// 10:32am

    Wow and yes!

  4. rossana taormina /// 09.18.2014 /// 11:22am

    I want them all!

  5. earthandink /// 09.20.2014 /// 5:09am

    These are spectacular.

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