studio fludd

Whoa. I so, so, so badly want to do this! All of these “ice cream cones” are made by people that have attended theĀ Gelatology Workshop put on by Venice based collective, Studio Fludd. I’ve written about them before {ie. this gorgeous book}, but when I saw this creative/amazing project, well, my heart started to race a little faster! So. Many. Supplies!!! So far they have done this inĀ Milan, Venice, Bruxelles, Saint Denis, Ljubljana, and Turin. You can see the cones via a cone-specific Tumblr that Studio Fludd has set up just for this project. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to make some paper ice cream.

{via Booooooom}

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  1. Kreetta /// 09.22.2014 /// 11:48am

    Oh, these are adorable! I like it!!!
    Food is THE big thing at the moment. We talk about it, we love it, we choose our diet, we try to keep the balance between delicious food and not getting weight..there are so many issues concerning the food. It’s interesting in every way. Thanks for sharing these lovely ones.