nathalie cusson

Oh. My. I love these… the palettes, the vintage-ness, the scale… I love it all! This is the work of Canadian designer/illustrator Nathalie Cusson. Gorgeous vintage cars and, well, a skimobile? Yes! I have to admit, although I’m neither a hipster nor a corduroy-clad professor, I do have a thing for old Volvos so that one might be my pick… although I’m pretty sure the pink Citroën wants to come home with me too. Or the Fiat. Yes. I need that pretty blue Fiat.

{Each 22″x18″ print is a limited edition of 10, and they’re only $105! Available here.}

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  1. Joanne Véronneau /// 10.21.2014 /// 8:54am

    Eh Kewss, c’est super beau!

  2. Hello, Seville | Blue Eyed Sight /// 10.21.2014 /// 11:18am

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  3. 澳门赌场押大小 /// 12.11.2014 /// 2:50am


  4. ARYK /// 08.11.2015 /// 2:13pm

    Hi – your photo above with the white vogue cover behind the glass is from my house! That is my living room – can you please remove the photo, it was part of a photo shoot for a home magazine and not for re-use. Thanks..

  5. the jealous curator /// 08.14.2015 /// 6:57am

    hi there… these photos in this case are just meant to showcase nathalie’s work, and she and the the photographer gave me permission to use this image (such a gorgeous way to show off the print! you have a lovely mantle!). sorry for the confusion (please contact the photographer if you still have concerns)