mister blick

Given the number of upsetting news headlines recently, I find these collages very, very, very comforting. Sigh. Flowers for guns… yep, that would make our world an incredibly different place. You’ve probably already seen these collages, by French artist “Mister Blick”, but I love them and just had to show them too. Here’s to a world where delicate tulips take the place of deadly weapons.

{via My Modern Met and Honestly WTF}

comments (3)

  1. Jessica /// 10.29.2014 /// 7:24am

    Oh, I love these! This is very much what I want the world to look like 🙂 xo

  2. Carol /// 10.29.2014 /// 9:19pm

    If only…

  3. Lisa Lewicki Hermanson /// 02.26.2015 /// 1:23pm

    Fabulous images –

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