jeffrey dell

This is either a series of stunning screenprints, or a party that I really want an invitation to… hm, I think it might be both! This is the gorgeous work of American artist Jeffrey Dell. Oh, I would love to see these bold beauties in person {most of them are at least 34″ x 26″}. Those shadows, those layers, those colors! Yep. I’m going to need an invite ASAP.

ps. Speaking of parties, a little birdie told me that today is Jeffrey’s birthday… I hope he gets the biggest layer cake he’s EVER seen!

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  1. Dawn Pearcey /// 11.12.2014 /// 3:15pm

    Mmm, my goodness, the colours and sparkles! I love this modern take on cake and sweets. Happy Birthday to Jeffrey! (oh – what kind of cake would he have?!)

  2. Yousif /// 11.19.2014 /// 7:25pm

    I got to see these in person at Mankato State University. Truly gorgeous. A friend of mine owns one.

  3. the jealous curator /// 11.19.2014 /// 8:57pm

    oh! i would love to see these in person! one day 🙂