lucy driscoll

Simple. Quiet. Gorgeous. This is the work of UK based collage artist Lucy Driscoll… also known as my partner in the Collage Scrap Exchange! I wrote about this fantastic project a few weeks ago. I signed up {along with just over 1000 other people!}, and was paired with a complete stranger from the UK named Lucy. Um, how thrilled was I when I googled her!? Not only did I have an amazing partner for this creative project, I also had today’s post! I’ll let you know what we both end up making… I just packed up an envelope full of weird stuff for her, and she’s doing the same for me. Oh, yes, this is gonna be FUN!

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  2. Tracey /// 12.04.2014 /// 5:04pm

    I just googled my Scrap partner (Juliana Muniz Westcott) and she creates some stunning stuff, too.

    Kind of intimidating and kind of inspiring…….

  3. the jealous curator /// 12.04.2014 /// 8:22pm

    oh! don’t be intimidated… have fun! it’s gonna be great! : )

  4. Tatiana Bastos /// 07.11.2017 /// 2:56pm

    Oh! I absolutely LOVE her work. And you define it so well… “Simple. Quiet. Gorgeous.” Yes! I love the colors and the white space. Thank god you guys found each other! <3