david baerwalde

Wooden. Cake. I am in love. LOVE! Atlanta based artist David Baerwalde has a portfolio full of all sorts of interesting things, both sculptural and on paper, but it was these layered, raw yet totally perfect, sawdust as coconut, glazed chunks of chocolate ganache, I mean wood, that got me. Sigh. I would love to own a platter of these perfect slices. Amazing.

{via Anthology Magazine}

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  1. maggie /// 12.02.2014 /// 9:43am

    I am almost upset that these are wood because they look so good.


  2. Melanie Boucher /// 12.02.2014 /// 11:18am

    These are amazing! I was fooled for a second there!

  3. Peachygoods /// 12.02.2014 /// 1:30pm

    They actually look delicious!

  4. susanna /// 12.07.2014 /// 4:24pm

    I just discovered your blog via Pinterest tonight. This is such a cool post! And I got a kick out of your blog name and subtitle – *grin*. Off to read more of your posts…

  5. Gina /// 02.13.2015 /// 11:35pm

    I really had to look twice because my 10 yr old daughter Majik Leigh has made cakes identical to these since she was about 6 yrs old. My dad is a lumber broker and plywood manufacturers so we have a full assortment of wood and she uses the coated plywood for frosting in between layers. She has loved sawdust if all kinds and has used glued sawdust as texture on everything she makes, she loves it painted! Gonna have to get her discovered! Hee hee 😉

    P.S. love his work 😉