amy bennett

Miniature dioramas that have been meticulously set up, and then photographed… yeah, that’s what I thought too! Nope, they’re miniature dioramas that have been meticulously set up, and then painted! They’re oil paintings. Gasp! All of these pieces are from a series titled “At the Lake” by American artist Amy Bennett. I wrote about her waaaaay back in 2009, but clearly, I shouldn’t have waited five years to write again! {Thanks to Jenni for reminding me about Amy’s work}

ps. here’s a peek into the magic that is her studio:


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  1. brandi marie /// 12.19.2014 /// 7:59am


  2. Crystal Wood /// 12.19.2014 /// 9:56am


  3. Heather /// 12.19.2014 /// 11:18am

    I can hardly take it

  4. marianne /// 12.19.2014 /// 11:59am

    gasp is right! this is more than I could imagine. Just incredible the art of the set up alone is mind boggling! Love!

  5. Tiffany Knox /// 12.19.2014 /// 12:53pm

    OMG I love it!

  6. Greg Perry /// 12.19.2014 /// 1:21pm

    They are intriguing to look at – beautifully skilled work. And the light is so convincing – love them

  7. julie /// 12.19.2014 /// 2:44pm

    play upon play, translation upon translation. beautiful!

  8. earthandink /// 12.19.2014 /// 3:55pm

    These are mind blowing. And I love them.

  9. Laura Dunn /// 12.22.2014 /// 4:41am

    Wow this is so great! Makes me miss summer camping trips right now!

  10. Scout Paget /// 12.30.2014 /// 12:50pm

    Simply marvelous…

  11. Jenny Kastner /// 01.03.2015 /// 10:59am

    Such a beautiful command of light in these!!! I love the dreamy quality!