darlene cole


I think I had this dream once… there were bears in a rose garden, horses, carousels, and I had a little grey bunny that lived on a fancy chair. And then I woke up. Sigh. I can almost smell the roses and peonies in these strange and lovely, dream-like paintings by Canadian artist Darlene Cole. I really hope I have that dream again.

{Thanks to Jessica G. for sending me a link to Darlene’s work}

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  1. Susan B /// 01.13.2015 /// 9:08am

    omg, love her work. yes, dreamy for sure.

  2. Apollina /// 01.20.2015 /// 11:26am

    What?? These are SO beautiful. I want to cry. So good.

  3. The Pretty And The Mayhem: 25.01.15 | Pretty Mayhem /// 01.24.2015 /// 6:27pm

    […] ♥ I love these dreamy paintings by artist Darlene Cole. […]

  4. John-Charles Thompson /// 01.04.2017 /// 9:57pm

    I now own one of Ms. Cole’s paintings,”Intimates” Roses at the Met. I was in love the first time I saw her work. Absolutely refreshing and brilliant. Thank you Ms. Cole for providing an inspiring and delectable rendition of fantasy and life. Her painting is definitely the highlight in my permanent collection. Thank you, thank you, thank you.