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I’m so excited to finally tell you guys about this! Last April, The Land of Nod asked me to collaborate with them on a series of “Jealous Curator” art collections for nurseries & kids rooms… um, OK! I immediately reached out to ten artists who I thought would be perfect for the Spring collection. I chose them as a curator, but I also had my mom hat firmly on! You see, when my son was a baby, I had a really hard time finding cool art for his room – art that he would like, but also something that I wanted to look at while rocking him in the middle of the night, and during diaper changes, and when we were lying on the floor pretending to be [insert any farm animal here].  That’s what this collection is all about. I chose fun, fresh, candy-hued pieces that your little ones will love, but that can also transition smoothly into the “grown-up” areas of your home… you know, art that you’d be happy to hang in the living room when your baby turns seven and decides to cover his walls in Minecraft posters. Trust me, it happens.

I’ve had to keep this collaboration top secret until the Spring 2015 collection was finally released, and at long last, it’s here! I’m beyond thrilled with this grouping, and so honored to have been able to work with these ten incredibly talented artists. Watercolors, embroidery, paintings and photographs… I love each of them on their own, but also kinda crazy love how they work together! Here’s more info on the full collection {snatched from the LoN site}:


And a closer view of each one {links at the bottom}:


Ahhh, I love them all so, so much. {ps. there are only 100 of each piece!} Thank you to The Land of Nod for bringing me into the family, and thank you to the artists… you’re all insanely talented, kind, and really fun to work with!

1. Sarah Gee  2. Stephanie K Clark  3. Trey Speegle  4. Cassia Beck  5. Aimee Bee Brooks  6. Alice Ferrow  7. Valerie Chiang  8. Joël Penkman  9. Alicia Bock  10. Melissa Ryder


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  1. Julie /// 01.29.2015 /// 9:13am

    Super! I really enjoy coming to your site everyday and everyday you point me in some new direction or to an artist i wouldn’t ordinarily know about. It is so refreshing. Thank you for all your insights, connections, and passion. i appreciate it….and…btw, that Seth Clark is amazing…i immediately think of anselm kiefer!

  2. Sara @ Cake Over Steak /// 01.29.2015 /// 9:46am

    What an amazing collaboration! This is super awesome. I’d be happy to hang these prints anywhere in my home.

  3. the jealous curator /// 01.29.2015 /// 10:28am

    oh thanks, ladies! i am so happy that i get to do this #pinchme

  4. emily /// 01.29.2015 /// 12:15pm

    Congrats! I’m going to buy them all so that you can do another set!

  5. the jealous curator /// 01.29.2015 /// 12:39pm

    ha! deal! (actually, i’ve already put the fall 2015 collection together!!! 10 different artists, totally different feel, but just as lovely!)

  6. Juniper Briggs /// 01.30.2015 /// 6:06pm

    I love this collaboration and the pieces you chose! As a mom of two wee ones myself, I get how important it is to incorporate art that the entire family can enjoy. Well done!!!

  7. the jealous curator /// 01.31.2015 /// 3:27pm

    oh thanks so much! that means a lot coming from another mom! : )

  8. JJ Galloway /// 01.31.2015 /// 4:45pm

    I love every bit of this! Wonderful selections. Congrat.s

  9. the jealous curator /// 02.01.2015 /// 10:06am

    thank you!

  10. aSma /// 02.01.2015 /// 12:16pm

    How beautiful and diverse is this! I love it 🙂

  11. Kate Thyberg /// 08.02.2015 /// 12:31pm

    As a new mom, artist, and art teacher I appreciate REAL art and not cookie cutter decorations in babies and kids rooms. What a fun job you have!

  12. the jealous curator /// 08.02.2015 /// 12:45pm

    so fun! i had the same problem… could not find cool art for my son’s room that didn’t have duckies on it 😉