alison foshee


Staples. Whoa. This is the very clever, very careful work of Portland based artist Alison Foshee. Why staples you ask? I’ll let Alison explain:

“Thumbtacks and pushpins explode into extravagant floral arrangements. Staples trace the jagged contour of a leaf. Office labels spin out in hot, firecracker explosions. Over the past 20 years, I have been exploring the artistic potential of everyday stuff. I enjoy working these raw materials with the geeky intensity of a Rubik’s cube puzzle master and relish the challenge of finding new meanings in objects that have become banal…”

Oh. So, so good! Many of her originals {and custom commissions!} can be purchased through Good Eye Gallery.

comments (7)

  1. Vanessa Lee /// 02.16.2015 /// 8:44am

    The next Tara Donovan

  2. Melinda /// 02.16.2015 /// 9:15am

    Alison also does commissions of your favorite flora and fauna!

  3. Cassandra /// 02.16.2015 /// 10:28am

    Stunning and inspiring!

  4. miranda /// 02.16.2015 /// 11:28am

    oohhh, i’m kinda loving this!

  5. Melissa /// 02.16.2015 /// 12:15pm

    Wow I wanna stare at it from closer and marvel at it for hours I love it so!…

  6. Rachaeldaisy /// 02.16.2015 /// 12:26pm

    Crikey!! These are so beautiful! I never thought I’d say that about staples.

  7. jo /// 02.17.2015 /// 3:08am

    These are gorgeous. Thanks as always for finding all the good stuff x

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