krista svalbonas


I love pretty much any piece of art that features houses, apartments, or buildings of any kind – so when these collages by Chicago based artist Krista Svalbonas found their way into my inbox I knew I had to share them. They are part of her “Migrants” series:

“Ideas of home and dislocation have always been compelling to me as the child of parents who arrived in the United States as refugees. Born in Latvia and Lithuania, my parents spent many years after the end of the Second World War in displaced-persons camps in Germany before they were allowed to emigrate to the United States. My family’s displacement is part of a long history of uprooted peoples for whom the idea of “home” is contingent, in flux, without permanent definition and undermined by political agendas beyond their control. Perhaps as a result, I am fascinated by the language of spatial relationships and by the impact of architectural form and structure on the psychology of the human environment.”

Lovely, thoughtful, so good.

{Thanks to Jeanne Heifetz for sending me a link to Krista’s work}

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  1. shilla /// 03.02.2015 /// 8:30am

    They are greaaaaaaaat!

  2. Emily McInnes /// 03.02.2015 /// 11:24am

    These are so similar (in spirit / thought process only) of one’s I just posted to my homepage by artist Alice Zilberberg. They are photographic mash ups of the country she was born in (Isreal), with the place she calls home (Canada). The series is actually called, “Home”.

    Group show (group blog post) some day? 🙂
    Thanks for all the great inspiration you send to my inbox each day. Love what you do!


  3. Krista Svalbonas /// 03.02.2015 /// 7:23pm

    Thank You so much for featuring my work!

  4. the jealous curator /// 03.03.2015 /// 8:04am

    oh, of course krista! i love this series so much!