tali yalonetzki


Oh! I am so excited about this… Israeli painter Tali Yalonetzki was one of the very first artists that I wrote about, way back when. I was just scrolling through Pinterest {as you do} and I came across some of her work that I’ve never seen before… well except that final piece, but it’s just so good I had to put it in again! She paints all sorts of things, in all sorts of colors, but it’s these lovely, vintage-inspired, monochromatic portraits that take my breath away. Sigh. So dreamy.

comments (4)

  1. kate shiells /// 03.04.2015 /// 8:32am

    GORGEOUS! All beautiful, but the second to last one is my fav – colours are exquisite!

  2. Sierra /// 03.04.2015 /// 10:05am

    Beautiful stunning perfection!!!!!

  3. Sara @ Cake Over Steak /// 03.04.2015 /// 10:06am

    Lovely work! It’s so painterly and refined at the same time.

  4. maggie /// 03.04.2015 /// 1:52pm

    I’m with Kate – they are all beautiful but there is something about that second to last one.