aneta regel


Stunning, crazy, organic, colorful ceramics… that you can wear! These small sculptures {aka rings} are the work of Polish artist Aneta Regel. Oh my goodness, I’m not even sure where to start. Luckily I found these words on her site, describing her work:

… Trees, rocks, fields, river-beds – these and other aspects of landscape are the images through which she seeks to convey her vision. A romantic to the core, she wants not only to capture the forms, energies and rhythms of these natural phenomena but to suggest the emotional response they evoke in her. Growing up in her native northern Poland, she was often confronted by the large stones, smooth round excrescences left behind by glacier action, that abound in the forests and have become the focus of legends, being endowed with anthropomorphic and quasi-magical powers…

Well, I know I’d have some kind of magical powers if I wore one of these beauties. Love.

{via art is a way}

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  1. jana novotna /// 03.09.2015 /// 9:13am

    Thank you for sharing this – I have remembered to meet Aneta at Ceramic Arts London 2014. She gave a talk about her work process which encounter firing ceramic clay with stones together. It ends with big explosions mostly but not in her case:). I didn´t know she makes jewellery as well. As I understand ceramic firing process her work is unbelievable to me!

  2. Tiffany Knox /// 03.09.2015 /// 12:58pm

    Cool beans! Love the chunky. And the glazed with the rough.

  3. Carla /// 03.09.2015 /// 1:23pm

    Rings that look like quinoa-porridge…that must be a hit 😉

  4. Shayna Klee /// 03.21.2015 /// 4:57am

    Where can you buy these rings?!